"Rock Paper Scissors" is a game powered by blockchain technology, putting a new twist on the classic game by integrating real money. The game facilitates play with any ERC20 tokens available in your wallet. During the initialization of a game, you'll be asked to select an amount from your preferred crypto assets, known as your bet. Two players with matching bets are then paired to play until a winner is determined.

The gameplay follows traditional "Rock Paper Scissors" rules. Each player chooses one of three shapes: Rock, Paper, or Scissors, on each move. The game operates on the premise that Rock crushes Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, and Paper covers Rock. If both players select the same shape, it results in a draw, and the game continues.

The game aims for the first player to achieve 3 victories, who is then declared the overall winner and receives the whole pot, which is the sum of both players' bets. The game has a time limit for each turn set at 15 minutes. If neither player makes a move within the 15 minutes, either player can initiate a technical forfeit and claim the entire prize. Winning involves strategically predicting your opponent's moves and choosing between rock, paper, or scissors.

Good luck have fun.


How do I get started playing rock-paper-scissors on the blockchain?

The game is hosted on the blockchain, which means you need to connect your crypto wallet to interact with it. Once your wallet is connected to the website, you can interact with the blockchain directly and play games hosted on it.

Some of the supported web3 wallets include:

Is it safe to bet money on this game?

When playing rock-paper-scissors on the blockchain, you are playing with real humans just like yourself. One player will win the bet, and the other will lose. Please be responsible and avoid betting all of your savings. Compared to other gambling games, betting on blockchain-based games is much safer, as you can be sure that there is no third party trying to make you lose. It's an honest duel between you and your opponent.

How does blockchain technology ensure the game is fair?

Games on the blockchain do not require any third parties, such as a casino, dealer or bank. Instead, you play directly with your opponent via a smart contract. All activities are transparent and verifiable.

One of the main slogans in the blockchain industry is "don't trust - verify." You can verify that a game is fair by examining the smart contract and its transaction on the blockchain.

Smart contracts:

Can I play against other people from around the world?

Yes, that's the main purpose of this game. You will be playing with other humans in a truly democratic form. You will place a bet and have the opportunity to play a game with an opponent from any country, race, ethnicity, or political view.

Are there different variations of the game available on the blockchain?

Yes, there are different smart contracts available on different blockchains.

L1 blockchains like Ethereum generally have higher transaction costs, but are viewed as the most stable place to play long games with large bets.

L2 blockchains like Polygon or Arbitrum are more user-friendly and have cheaper transaction costs. They can be viewed as a fun place to play fast games with small bets.

You may also be interested in reading the article on the difference between Layer 1 and Layer 2 from the Ethereum community.

How do I know that my winnings will be paid out correctly?

Since all transactions are done transparently on the blockchain, you can easily verify them yourself by using any popular blockchain viewer such as Etherscan.

Is there a limit to how much I can bet on a game?

No, there is no limit. You can make the bet with all your money. However, please be rational and keep in mind that the winner will receive the entire amount, and there is no way to reverse the transaction unless the winner voluntarily returns the winnings.

Please be responsible and use good judgement when placing your bets.

What happens if there is a dispute during a game?

In the event of a dispute during a game, it's natural to wonder how it will be resolved. Fortunately, the game uses a simple logic known as a state machine, which ensures that the game will always be finished in any case.

In rock, paper, scissors on the blockchain, either someone will win organically or by technical defeat, in case of leaving the game for a long time. If the game ends in a draw, it will continue until the end. This means that there is no need to worry about disputes during a game, as the game will be completed and a winner will be declared.

By utilizing a state machine, players can rest assured that the outcome of the game will always be clear and fair. Whether you win or lose, you can trust that the game will be played to completion and that the result will be determined by the established rules. So, go ahead and play with confidence, knowing that the game will always be resolved in a fair and transparent manner.

How can I find reputable blockchain-based rock-paper-scissors websites?

As this is a genuinely democratic form of gambling without any third-party oversight, various authorities and institutions may attempt to block access to this and similar websites.

Fortunately, blockchain cannot be stopped or censored. You can always find relevant links on the ethereum name service domain:


What are some strategies for winning at rock-paper-scissors games?

The rock-paper-scissors game can go beyond pure chance when players fall into predictable patterns or habits. To gain an advantage, observe patterns in your opponent's throws, be aware of common beginner tendencies such as favoring "rock," and use misdirection through taunts or breaking apparent throw sequences. Remember that RPS involves both strategy and psychology, so focusing on reading your opponent can often lead to success.

You may be interested in the Rock Paper Scissors Strategies article from The World Rock Paper Scissors Association (WRPSA).

What happens when I win or lose?

When you win this game, you feel great because you beat your opponent. Plus, you get all the money - your bet and your opponent's bet. This total winning amount signifies a tangible reward for your strategic gameplay and successful predictions. Please note that a small 3% fee is taken from the total pot. This fee helps with the upkeep and improvement of the project, making sure everyone enjoys a better gaming experience.

On the other hand, if the result of the game is not in your favor and you experience a loss, it's important to understand that the bet you placed at the beginning of the game will be forfeited. This is part of the risk and excitement that comes with the game. It's also a reminder of the importance of strategic gameplay and careful wagering. Each game is a new opportunity to learn, improve your strategy, and hopefully, increase your chances of winning in future games.


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